Yeti population in downtown Québéc exploding, prompting new construction projects.

Québec city - After decades of living in the shadows of the city and adjacent mountain caverns, rising numbers of Yetis are making their way into the heart of Montreal, according to recent census numbers. Long the victims of housing discrimination due to massive fur-loss (shedding) and general monstrosity in the past, newer generations of Yeti are assimilating into the metro area of Montreal more successfully than in the past - so much so that Yeti-dominated condominiums are beginning to dominate the skyline. Mixed Yeti-human families are also making the transition easier, as bankers continue to prefer human co-signers on loans and mortgage documents. The local economy has been boosted by the influx of new buyers and renters. According to many real-estate agents, the current generation of Yeti is well integrated into the tech and start-up scene in the city, with disposable income to burn. “Today’s Yeti is plugged in, makes six figures, and they want to invest in a permanent residence with high ceilings and extra large bath tubs. They’re really breathing some life into the housing market. Locals displaced by the new wave of ‘immigration’ are less impressed, calling the movement ‘abominable’ and ‘monstrous’.